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a grotesque black doll


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Representing her at a hearing in Llandudno yesterday, barrister Rhys Johns said the golliwog had been a toy from her childhood and no offence had been intended.
Far-right groups are angry over the Advertising Standards Authority banning a Dorset gift shop from promoting tea towels featuring golliwogs and the logo English Freedom.
Mr Austin said on Twitter: "Oh dear: @BillDudleyNorth waved around Golliwog dolls, wrote books on freedom but wants Dudley Council vicar banned
The sweet, beautiful golliwog with his big smile has been wiped out because some people found it upsetting.
I sold a full set of 11 golliwog football players last year without any problem.
POLICE are hunting three youngsters who dressed up as golliwogs for a summer parade.
Clarkson's former wife said that the TV show presenter even gave her a golliwog, adding that she remembers a lot of mirth and merriment because they were not allowed to call them golliwogs anymore, and they had to call them gollies.
Our snaps were taken from footage filmed in 2012 at the Valley Commandos Motorcycle Club in Abercynon - the venue racist Christopher Philips was snapped in last March hanging a man-sized golliwog doll while dressed in a Ku Klux Klan outfit.
A MIDLAND Ku Klux Klan admirer has defended his mock golliwog hanging stunt as "just a bit of fun".
Summary: A woman who has been charged with racially aggravated harassment after displaying a golliwog in her window has denied the offence.
My store of golliwog fridge magnets has actually now gone up because people have sent them to me.
For instance I disregard the notion that the word Golliwog is derogatory, unless however it is used towards someone to insult and offend them, then the word becomes derogatory.
You could even collect Golliwog badges if you sent in the wrappers C to Robertsons.
In other words, wog - and by association golliwog - are among the most racist terms you could possibly use in the English language.