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Synonyms for Goliath

one that is extraordinarily large and powerful

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(Old Testament) a giant Philistine warrior who was slain by David with a slingshot

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someone or something that is abnormally large and powerful

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Goliath felt insulted with an inexperienced David, but with just a single heavy 3-inch stone that struck his forehead, Goliath fell.
Shears are the main controlling structures for gold in the Red Lake Camp both at the Goldcorp Red Lake Mine (former Arthur White Mine) and on new discoveries such as the Great Bear Dixie Lake project immediately north to the Golden Goliath Kwai property."
Treasury Metals Inc.'s 100% owned Goliath Gold Project in northwestern Ontariois slated to become one of Canada's next producing gold mines.
In the region of 10,000 players, amateur and professional, will compete for the Goliath crown, including boxerturned-poker-ace Audley Harrison, who has coached Haye over the past year.
Goliath was the Philistine whom David of Bethlehem, the eventual second king of Israel and Judah, famously defeated in single combat (1 Samuel: 17.) Together with Gaza, Ashkelon, Ashdod and Ekron, Gath was one of the five Philistine cities until its fall in 830 BCE at the hands of the Aramean king Hazael.
Goliath's Revenge offers six rules for business leaders to apply to their company's long-term digital innovation strategy: Deliver market-shaping customer outcomes; Balance top-down and bottom-up innovation; Unlock the latent value in existing data assets; Accelerate innovation through external networks; Build the digital skills needed for successful reinvention; and Use purpose to fuel disruptive innovation opportunities.
The book, Del Rosario said, 'is as well about the very Goliath, with its sheer bullying tactics, that reminds us of other Goliaths in the past.'
"The shadow cast by this terrifying Goliath has also infected many of us with fear.
Steven Everett might not have been using an ancient slingshot, but last November he downed a monster Oklahoma non-typical whitetail nicknamed "Goliath." The massive Logan County whitetail had become quite familiar to both Steven and his father and hunting partner, Johnny.
Goliath said it has decided to invest strategically on the Italian market, relying on the distribution expertise of MacDue Spa, a company with a history of toy and game distribution for over 40 years.
While that was happening, the Unilever/Conopco sale of David Goliath took place for $180 million, plus two earn-out payments over the next two years, according to a formula based on the amount by which yearly sales exceeded an established minimum times a set multiplier and minus some variable costs.
If we want to partake in it, let's rise up and fight the Pharaoh and the Goliath. The Pharaoh and the Goliath must be conquered, if new Nigeria must emanate,'' Prophet Oyadara said in the message.
Goliath groupers must be immediately returned to the ocean if caught on the fishing line as it is under protected category in Florida since 1990 due to its declining population, and possessing them is strictly prohibited in the state.
At its April meeting in Fort Lauderdale, the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) rejected a staff recommendation for a limited goliath grouper take.