golden eagle

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large eagle of mountainous regions of the northern hemisphere having a golden-brown head and neck

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Rick Taylor from the South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project is hosting a free beginners level Raptor Identification Workshop on Sunday which is open to all ages.
The Cairngorms is the most likely place in the north-east for people to spot golden eagles in the wild.
Jenny McCallum, who leads the Loch Ness Rural Communities Group said: "The estates in the Loch Ness area are very proud of the golden eagle population improvements over the last decade.
In New York, the golden eagle is listed as an endangered species.
Golden eagles, although rare, are occasionally spotted across South Wales, but have never been bred in this country before.
On West 4th Street, turn left at the first traffic light onto Golden Eagle Avenue.
The Golden Eagle Award recognizes NAHU members who demonstrate exceptional professional knowledge and outstanding client service.
The dancer in this photo is John Richards, the outer row of his bustle is comprised of mature and sub-adult golden eagle tail feathers.
Department of Energy and several states because they're interested in the impact of wind turbines on golden eagle migration as well as in how birds respond to climate fluctuations.
The RSPB's latest annual bird crime report showed there were 128 reports of illegal poisoning in 2010, with 20 red kites, 30 buzzards, five golden eagles and eight peregrine falcons among the birds found poisoned.
The rig will be used at the Golden Eagle facility in the UK sector of the North Sea.
Mikhalkov founded the Golden Eagle awards in 2002 and the body that backs it, the Russian National Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.
Key words: lead poisoning, coyote, bullet fragmentation, hunting ammunition, blood lead levels, inland Pacific Northwest, avian, bald eagle, Haliaeetus leucocephalus, golden eagle, Aquila chrysaetos, California condor, Gymnogyps californianus
Dr Fielding is also adviser to the Irish golden eagle, white-tailed eagle and red kite re-introduction programmes.
US Betty Mabee, who developed the leading Californian breeding operation Golden Eagle Farm with her late husband John, has died at the age of 88.