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native of Mexican highlands grown for its glossy clear yellow flowers and blue-grey finely dissected foliage

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Summary: Olympic bronze medallist wins featured Azizi Golden Cup
SCAA Certified Golden Cup Technician, Roasters Guild Certified Coffee Roaster, SCAA Certified Coffee Taster and in 2015 received the "Outstanding Contribution to the Association Award" from the Specialty Coffee Association of America.
May 1: The stallion "Khaled Al-Hamad" owned by Sheikh Hamad Khaled Al-Sabah won the golden cup at the international horse show in the Netherlands.
For singing till his heaven fills, 'Tis love of earth that he instils, And ever winging up and up, Our valley is his golden cup, And he the wine that overflows To lift us with him as he goes > To Hear The Skylark's Song A Memoir by Huw Lewis is published by Parthian, Library of Wales, at PS8.
Meanwhile, Northern Sports Club won the 20th Bacha Khan Cricket Golden Cup here on Saturday by beating New Khyber Sports Club.
Peter Dutens' trade card advertises gold and silver toys, snuff boxes, jewellery, and silver plate from premises at the sign of the Golden Cup in Chandos Street, St Martin's Lane; by 1736 Dutens had moved to Leicester Fields; Clay was based in Cecil Street opposite St Mary le Strand.
One day, 50 years after Beowulf's battle with Grendel's mother, a slave steals a golden cup from the lair of an unnamed dragon at Earnaness.
Organisers want to hear as many stories as possible; from pre-match drinks in the Golden Cup, Hertford Arms, Pitts Head or Hand on Heart pubs; to promotion celebrations in the 1960s; or the more recent protest marches in the area.
Described by the film's producers as'an astonishing story of pressure, expectation and courage, this inspiring film traces the roots of success back to the professionalisation of the game in the 90s, culminating in that glorious World Cup campaign of 2003 that turned Woodward's poisoned chalice into a golden cup.
The doughnut chain has signed a franchise agreement with Golden Cup, a joint venture between Jollibee Worldwide and Jasmie Asset Holding, the latter being a subsidiary of RRJ Capital Master Fund II.
a unit of RRJ Capital Master Fund II, an Asiabased investment company, called Golden Cup Pte.
He is gearing up to delivering an exceptional performance this year in an attempt to win the Fazza golden cup.
In the final gala concert, the Turkmen horse riders were awarded the grand prize Golden Cup "Latina 2014", as well as several special prizes of the festival and diploma of the Akhal-Teke Association of Italy.
He was light years ahead and that's why that little golden cup is remaining right here for another two years.