golden chain

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an ornamental shrub or tree of the genus Laburnum

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They call it their Treasure Cave just for fun, but then find seven beautiful pearls and a finely wrought golden chain buried in the sand.
Treasured memories of my dear brother Chris, fell asleep one year ago today, also our dear loved ones resting where no shadows fall, in peaceful sleep He awaits us all, God will link the golden chain, when one by one we will meet again, forever in our hearts, loving sister Betty, Albert and family.
Remembrance is a golden chain, Death tries to break but all in vain.
It is also draped with ribbons of gold leaves and a golden chain, and for the tree topper it has the famous silhouette of Mickey Mouse's head.
Wearing scruffy tartan pants (matching the tartan painting), a sleeveless white shirt that barely covers his paunch and the edges of his farmer's tan, an abundant blond wig, and a rubber mask painted white around the nose and mouth, Mannis manipulates the same golden chain that he subsequently worked into The Law, repurposing the "erect nipple" baubles as potentially sadistic knuckle rings.
Wandering around his magical mansion full of electronic creatures and beautiful murals, the siblings find their uncle's necklace, a coin suspended on a golden chain.
a golden chain about his neck, to show his hearties he was skipper.
Small details bring additional meaning to this portrait: The tiny flag pin on his hat; his red, white and blue costume; and the golden chain (no doubt attached to a pocket watch) on his chest all symbolize the pride he brings to his job.
Will they be the next link in that golden chain which has transmitted our values down the generations from the days of St David to today's world?
ISLAMABAD, January 31, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Golra Police have arrested five persons for their alleged involvement in murder, theft case and recovered a snatched vehicle of the deceased, golden chain as well as other valuables from their possession, a police spokesman said.
Lilacs love lime, as do maple trees, fruiting and flowering trees, golden chain and golden rain trees, daphne, dianthus, genista, privets and honeysuckles, and do not forget the clematis and the delphiniums
In Category B the list includes such garden delights as lily of the valley (Convallaria), foxglove (Digitalis), spurges (Euphorbia spp), golden chain (Laburnum), shrubby verbena (Lantana spp) and primula obconica.
The earrings were stunning crystal, pearl, and rhinestone cocktail earrings with a delicate golden chain woven into the design.
Phil Friedman, CFE, chairman and CEO of McAlister's Dell, will be a recipient of Nation's Restaurant News" 2009 Golden Chain award to be presented during the 50th annual Multi-Unit Foodservice Operators Conference in October.
They are the makings of the initial link of the golden chain that will launch a credit union into revenue growth and profitability.