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(Old Testament) an idol made by Aaron for the Israelites to worship

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While the establishing of worship of golden calves was clearly sinful there is, surprisingly, no evidence that the Israelite prophet Elijah, who waged a relentless war against Baal worship, ever considered the sanctuary at Bethel with its golden calf particularly offensive (18:22).
We tend to cross the line by creating golden calves of self-worship or exalting mortals as "princes" and "caesars.
UTRECHT "Simon," a story of the relationship between a streetwise tough and a gay dentist, picked up three Golden Calves, the Dutch equivalent of the Oscar, at the 24th edition of the Netherlands Film Festival, which opened on a miserable note that suddenly turned euphoric.
Celebrities are the golden calves of today," said Shaw.
John Stapleford's book, Bulls, Bears, and Golden Calves, provides a useful overview of economic analysis and covers a variety of important public policy issues--from a Christian perspective.
The Buddhist would want to expand the definition of idolatry from just golden calves and such to include the concept of anyone's name, for example.
The background of this aspect of the Golden Calf story may be, of course, a claim by the priests of Bethel and Dan (denied by the priests of Jerusalem) that the golden calves in their respective temples had been divinely fabricated.