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Synonyms for goldbrick

to pass time without working or in avoiding work

Synonyms for goldbrick

a soldier who performs his duties without proper care or effort

a brick-shaped block that looks like gold but is not

Related Words

anything that is supposed to be valuable but turns out to be worthless

avoid (one's assigned duties)

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The playwright renders the American soldiers with a remarkable feel for the language, language, and speech rhythms as the dispirited men shirk their responsibilities, goldbrick, and malinger.
Goldbrick, care of Mills and Mills, 14 City Road (presumably in Chippendale).
The "Goldbrick" Variations are another redundant example of P.
For example, he correctly criticizes "goldbrick military pensions for thirty-nine year olds who've never seen combat." He properly chastises "middleclass and affluent families who figure out how to get Medicaid to pay for Grandma's nursing home needs." In essence, he forces us to look at our entitlement benefits with an objective eye.
Metallic metaphors: goldbrick, silver bullet, brassy, leaden, tin ear