gold standard

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a monetary standard under which the basic unit of currency is defined by a stated quantity of gold

a paragon of excellence

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Net proceeds of the financing will be used by Gold Standard Ventures to further advance its railroad-pinion project, general corporate as well as working capital purposes.
But before I can do so I must first review the difference between custom-based law and legislation, and then show how the development and flourishing of the historical gold standard depended more on the former than the latter.
The gold standard offered automatic feedback to restrain excessive inflation of the money supply.
Once countries ditched the gold standard, they began relaxing their trade restrictions.
Wallis says: "This Gold Standard award recognises all the work undertaken by the team to ensure that we offer first-class facilities for owners, hostel accommodation, stabling, and a racing surface second to none.
The Gold Standards Framework was originally created for palliative care for cancer patients.
The accuracy of the gold standard amino acid analysis technique means that it remains the choice of thousands of laboratories worldwide.
Take up of the Gold Standard contract has already been strong.
Established in 1993, Gold Standard is a developer and provider of drug information databases, software and clinical information solutions.
Based on encouragement from many of our clients, we further developed the report by exploring the implications of the data and the lessons that can be learned from successful facilities, labeled Gold Standard Performers.
And it surely was that good until President Franklin Roosevelt took the nation off the gold standard and even made it illegal for Americans to possess the metal.
Informed by the debate on the origins of the Depression, his study takes as its point of departure "the new orthodoxy" exemplified by the work of Barry Eichengreen, Clark Johnson and others which points to the gold standard as having played a key role in the onset, extent, severity and duration of the world-wide slump.
These adolescents were then tested for EIA by the gold standard method.
An editorial accompanying publication of the Hutchinson Smoking Prevention Project reinforced claims in the public press of the study being definitive, and the editorial acclaimed the Hutchinson study, a classic experimental research design project, as the gold standard of prevention research design.
This hypothesis may appear surprising in light of the popular perception that in the General Theory Keynes tried to move away from the open-economy, international gold standard framework employed in the Treatise on Money.