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abnormally enlarged thyroid gland

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Multinodular goiter is a relatively common thyroid disorder with a prevalence of 4 to 7% worldwide.
Just for fun, he told her he could melt her goiter by just touching it.
Maternal iodine exposure: a case of fetal goiter and neonatal hearing loss.
Indications for surgery were multinodular goiter in 62 cases, solitary nodule in 18, hyperthyroidism in 17, thyroid carcinoma in 2 and recurrent goiter in 5 cases.
Non-neoplastic non-inflammatory lesions like goiter shows same distribution with highest number of patients presented during 21-40 years of age.
Eighteen cases demonstrated normal follicles and fiber connective tissue pathologically by fine needle aspiration (FNA) or were diagnosed as a nodular goiter with fibrosis by surgical pathology; others were diagnosed benign nodules by clinical manifestations.
Approach to management of the patient with primary or secondary intrathoracic goiter.
Goiter was huge, causing tracheal compression, narrowing and deviation to the left.
The most common complaints at the time of presentation were goiter (%30) and weight gain (%25).
Quality of life is not influenced by the extent of surgery in patients with benign goiter.
Following an ethical approval by the review board all patients of either sex above the age of 18 years with goiter were enrolled and allocated to the respective group.
He then talked about toxic goiter and Grave's Disease or diffused toxic goiter.
18 In this study, the significant higher goiter prevalence among female students compared to males was found in another study.
An outbreak of goiter with high morbidity and mortality in a flock of budgerigars (Melopsittacus undulatus) in California is described.