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Synonyms for sea

Synonyms for sea

a division of an ocean or a large body of salt water partially enclosed by land

anything apparently limitless in quantity or volume

turbulent water with swells of considerable size

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Stevenson contacted the European Commission on behalf of hundreds of British fishermen, kept from going to sea since December last year due to repeated storms.
We don't want to risk our lives," Shaji, a fisherman in Masirah said, adding that they had stopped going to sea for fishing for the last two days and would wait for a few more days.
My first memories of the quay are of my dad going to sea.
It kept the WHOI sampling team, led by Bruce Keafer, going to sea on coastal research vessel Tioga and other vessels through December to see if the toxin-producing plants left cysts to seed future outbreaks.
As a youngster Don Jones had dreamed of going to sea, and it would become the place he would spend most of his working life.
Instructors will teach English from September so ratings know the language before going to sea.
This is the fund-raiser for going to Sea World to see Shamu - we've been saving up for four years,'' said Janna Bernstein, 13, one of seven girls dressed as cookies.
She is also going to sea for the last time in her boat Kingfisher which she sailed 25,000 miles around the world non-stop in 2001 to become an international star.
Everyone was excited about going to sea and seeing the ports, but when the September 11th incident happened, port calls were cancelled.
She said: "When I first started going out with Paul, he was talking about going to sea but I told him I would finish with him if he did.