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Synonyms for detail

Synonyms for detail

an individually considered portion of a whole

one of the conditions or facts attending an event and having some bearing on it

a small, often specialized element of a whole

a unit of troops on special assignment


to make specific

Synonyms for detail

an isolated fact that is considered separately from the whole

a small part that can be considered separately from the whole

extended treatment of particulars

a crew of workers selected for a particular task

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assign to a specific task

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Without going into detail, suffice it to say that the forthcoming Medicare Prospective Payment System (PPS) means that providers will have to change their philosophy of care from "more is better" to "more appropriate is better.
Without going into detail, we believe that we can boost the returns from the construction of a geothermal plant dramatically through the monetization of the tax credits that go with them.
Without going into detail, it deals with resident/patient choice while assisting each agency's marketing efforts.
Without going into detail, I will simply tell you that it involves a fruit truck, a parking space, a shoehorn and a snow shovel.
I think, without going into details, yun ang problema: May mga support structure sila among the public and that has to be addressed.
While going into details, the 28-year-old model explained to Cosmopolitan Magazine that the couple was on their way to Thailand to see her parents and were flying commercial first class, ABC News reported.