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Synonyms for goffer

a zealously energetic person (especially a salesman)

an iron used to press pleats and ridges

an ornamental frill made by pressing pleats

make wavy with a heated goffering iron


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Our all-time favourite irons, however, go by the name of goffering irons and they look like little hollow torpedoes on stands.
In some art-historical images, we see veils or underveils whose edges look finely pleated, but in the examples from "li Auduins" and from Porete's chapter 126, the ploy illustrates probably a temporary fold, rather than a more permanent ruffle, fluting, goffering, or frill in the meulequin's edge.
So I ended up with a lot of irons, including a goffering iron from Standard Fireworks that had been used to press the pleats into the ends of Christmas crackers.
For every interesting, albeit slightly gratuitous, tidbit of period detail (a "goffering iron [is] needed for all the ruffles and little tucks"), we're subjected to paragraphs like this:
The result of such relaxation is formation of surface goffering along the entire length of EVAC microfibers.
They come in a variety of An to mid century goffering or Picture: metals and make a fascinating and inexpensive collection.