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an employee whose duties include running errands

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* Gofer. Without a secretary or assistant, I am a one-man show at school.
Except in the glamour industries, new college graduates with good technology skills no longer have to work as a secretary or gofer to "get a foot in the door." They can demand jobs with more prestige and money.
Gary Bauer, who at that time had no official position at the White House, actually nothing more than a gofer, was then appointed under secretary of education.
Then he meets an old friend who steers him to a gofer job at Aurora.
As regards that concierge system, sure, it's nice to have a gofer on staff paid to run down and buy subway tokens for employees.
Here, he took over the job of district ranger--"it's sort of like being the district's gofer," he says, with characteristic understatement.
In recounting Hill's long career in the mob, from teenaged gofer to middle-aged dope peddler and thief, GoodFellas balances between complicity with the character (which is strongest in the many point-of-view sequences) and a face-off with him, as at the end.
Perry, competing in the team event on the final day of the competition, teamed up with Israeli partner Asaf Gofer as they powered to success.
She knows the OFW problem like the back of her hand, as her father's heir, gofer, and expert in chief.
"Inviting Max and his classmates to our recycling depot in Gofer (near Abergele) was a no-brainer."
With odious Rodent Robbie only just avoiding a beating from Cain recently, he continues to push his luck - as Debbie Dingle's spineless gofer - with Cameron and Chas.
3 Why does Phillip Schofield insist on seeing himself as a serious journalist when he spent his early years in TV not learning the journalistic trade - but with his hand stuck up Gordon the Gofer's bum?
The final member of the cast is Kristian Phillips who is excellent as Lugs, the goofy drugs "gofer", who nurses a soft spot for Stephanie and is the butt of all the jokes.
My Week with Marilyn 15 Set in 1956, the film is seen through the eyes of a 23-year-old (Eddie Redmayne), who lands a gofer's job on the British set of The Prince And The Showgirl, starring Monroe (Michelle Williams).
The waste is sorted at Conwy's bulking station in Gofer, off Rhuddlan Road, St George near Abergele.