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a male godchild

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All the winners and runners-up from the various categories at the 2017 Northumbria Open (left to right): Michael Mattimore, Matt Godson, Paul Satow, Neil Campbell, Marcus Allsopp, Guy Eniona, Michael Andrews, Miles Jenkins, Kieron Mahoney, Scott Little, Hannah Cliff, Matt Cooper, Charlotte Cooper, Tom Cornell, Katrina Allen, Andrew Shipley and Chris Garner.
Melissa has done so much for her godson - my son - and I wanted to say thank you.
The CIA thinks that he is the key to finding Maggie's godson and identifying Sofia's murder.
Another fact had me on the back foot: I had already lost a fiver to my godson, Andrew Balding, the real trainer these days, when Swans chucked it away at the end of the first match against the Saints last autumn in the Liberty stadium.
A law passed in the 1920s allows the president to adopt the seventh son as a godson to prevent the family from suffering the cursed fate.
Tummy WORK IT: "Incorporating 40-60 sit-ups will make a huge difference to your shape," Godson says.
Dr Godson said: "We Know that levels of dental decay vary widely amongst five-year-old children living in different parts of the country and in different life circumstances.
Your godson will get to use his special present every day.
This week, Nigerian Godson Ogwudire is the latest in along line of restaurateurs overwhelmed by Fernando''s big plans.
Theo Wharton, the son of former Cwmbran Town manager Sean and godson of ex-Cardiff City player Nathan Blake, is also among the 16 players who travelled.
17, 2010, SPA -- Poland&'s first black lawmaker, John Godson, said that the colour of his skin has helped him get ahead in his overwhelmingly white adopted country and he now wants to promote contacts between Poles and Africa.
He said yesterday: "The trainer Mikel Delzangles is a godson of my good friend the Marquesa de Moratalla and she asked me to put a substantial amount on for her - and of course I backed him myself
In recognition of his achievement, Godson was awarded the L1 Master Technician of the Year award by Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and Motor Age Training.
So, instead of forking out on flights to the Arctic Circle, I took my godson Ben, six, on a day trip to Lapland UK in Kent.