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piety by virtue of being a godly person

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Where is the godliness in blowing little children to smithereens?
Hilda on Street siren Elsie Tanner "We are a family of professional cleaners, which puts us higher up in Godliness than some folk I could name.
And that has got lasting implications for the old adage about cleanliness being next to godliness.
Kymberley, who recognised the elderly woman as a regular at the Vine Christian Centre, added: "I am amazed at this amazing act of kindness, it is people with kind spirits and hearts of godliness like this that helps me believe in humanity even more so.
And following their way to godliness is what Syrian Army forces and allies have been doing all this time.
In the final section "Stepping into His Presence" Guyon talks about how Godliness flows from within and of living in the abundance the spirit.
None of those principles and godliness that enshrined by the Declaration are met by the Sudan's government.
WE) A spiritual adviser guides an affluent bachelor as he looks for love and godliness among 24 single women on this dating game show.
99) comes from a mother and daughter who consider the truths in God's Word as they pertain to beauty, and encourages women to focus on the beauty of godliness over pop culture fads and perceptions.
There can be no peace without justice and no justice without godliness.
Here Jesus is viewed as a prototype who came to show how Godliness and humanity could co-exist in the same body.
After all, cleanliness is next to Godliness, or is it?
Is it on "a pilgrimage or selling beads" there -- which is a common expression used by Mecca residents well grounded in combining godliness and moneymaking?
But it is likely that most Christians will find it entertaining, quizzical, often humorful, and rather inspiring of thoughtful and challenging faith, as well as imaginative mystical godliness.
Most people are primed to perceive the godliness around us.