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Synonyms for goddam

expletives used informally as intensifiers


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Where I'm from saying goddam out loud in public was never done Except by those who do, and more than admit they say, do
sitting there as though they made every goddam atom of this country.
And then a little while later, Cernan says, according to the transcript: "Here's another goddam turd.
The song laid a path for future African American musicians to push for civil and human rights, including Nina Simone ("Mississippi Goddam," 1964), Aretha Franklin ("Think," 1968), Edwin Starr ("War," 1969), Jimi Hendrix (the cacophonous antiwar version of "The Star Spangled Banner," 1969), and Public Enemy (" Fight the Power," 1975).
According to details, a twenty-year-old, Waris Chohan lost his life when he fell into a well in Khursheed Colony, while a car killed sixty years old beggar, namely Ali Raza, near Bholari Goddam.
And O my girl turn your naked breasts against my chest and let my hands release their fever on your thighs and belly and throat O let my mouth suck the dear breath out of your lungs and let my hurting need and hunger like a fire of bulls pour themselves clean into your soft waiting flesh and let no sparrow anywhere fall or any sad guy get kicked out into the street O let the rain and the snow and the bitter wind beat in vain on the shacks of the poor and keep that beautiful goddam horn blaring away right in the face of all their filthy governments.
SO far, Theresa May hasn't done a bad good job as UK Home Secretary (maybe because the ones before her were so goddam awful).
The teams at J PL, Goddam and other centers have the expertise, the experience and the successes that prove their worth.
As Rob quite rightly fumes - annoying prats who think it''s their goddam right to play music through their headphones, but they''re so cheap the noise is still heard.
Goddam (voiced by Zdenek Sverak, the helmer's father), who resembles a root vegetable and serves in loco grandparentis to Kooky.
De alguna u otra manera, se cumple en sus novelas lo que un muy disgustado Zooey le grita a su madre: "This whole goddam house stinks of ghosts
He says of himself: "I'm not going to tell you my whole goddam autobiography or anything.
LeMay described the FB-111 as "no goddam good as a strategic bomber, it wasn't a strategic bomber and that's a fact.
I always thought, bluntly, that I was a glamorous, goddam exciting woman.