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Trainer Andrew Balding had been gobsmacked at Royal Ascot when Charles The Great failed to fire and finished tenth.
On Corrie, Stella's secret burst out - where else but at Leanne's 30th in a packed rovers: "I'm your mum," she told a gobsmacked Leanne.
I was gobsmacked at how much trouble they all went to ensure I did not end up with a blood clot or, worse still, my leg off.
She said: "It's marvellous and I'm extremely honoured, gobsmacked even.
I was totally gobsmacked - it was a bit emotional, really.
I'm gobsmacked that he wants to go to Luton, more or less straightaway.
Agnes Bruckner, a teenage daytime-drama veteran who has had small roles in the films ``Murder by Numbers'' and ``The Glass House,'' brings a perfectly modulated combination of intelligence, confusion, bone-deep hurt and rebelliousness to the lead role of Meg, a budding young poet who's been emotionally gobsmacked by her father's abandonment.
But, I also remember being gobsmacked as a kid when a mother automatically took her son's side when it was apparent to all that he'd been the disruptive force in that particular stramash on the street.
Gobsmacked Hanagan - who led from the first day - was mobbed and cheered all the way back to the weighing room by his colleagues.
Ms Stanford-Smith said of the deal: "I was gobsmacked.
I am gobsmacked - I never thought I would see the day," West said of the winner, who carried the colours of former trainer Kate Milligan.
Ruby is gobsmacked when Charlie tells her she and Joey are a couple, while Miles and Kirsty have more trouble with Trey.
The mum-of-two, who lives with her husband Paul in Kirkwood Drive, Nevilles Cross, Durham, said: "I'm gobsmacked.
A gobsmacked Babs could only mutter: "Art transcends politics.