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a hasty eater who swallows large mouthfuls

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Gobbler after gobbler hit the ground and puffed into full strut.
Gobblers may take their sweet time responding to a call, perhaps hours, and then sneak in unexpectedly.
Then I called-in Eastern gobblers in the rolling hills of Kansas, and stalked gobblers along the Platte River in Nebraska.
Caption: It's a rush trading calls with a gobbler, but on public lands, you might be calling other hunters.
As the gobbler took off across the creek then headed for the next field, Randy extended his hand for a high five, but I jumped up and gave him a bear hug instead.
After the hunt, Karen was satisfied she'd found the right combination of shotgun and load for her spring gobbler obsession.
Jay Worthy's denigration of the Newport audience as a bunch of "snot gobblers" ensures the boos he thrives on.
The Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler DLC will be a Thanksgiving-themed pack which will follow the story of a competition being held by Mr.Torgue to kill Wattle Gobbler, a giant turkey.
Thousands of spectators gathered at Gobbler's Knob in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, to watch Phil the Groundhog make his annual weather prediction.
It is believed that if the furry rodent sees his shadow on 2 February on Gobbler's Knob, winter will last six more weeks.
The Dirty B decoy imitates a wounded gobbler at the pull of a handle.
A new SBE II variant, the Benelli Performance Shop SBE II Turkey Edition, has about every nuance any dyed-in-the-wool gobbler hunter could want.
Moscow, Russia, April 29, 2010 --(PR.com)-- The use of lasers, doors, magnets and cranes as well as the unexpected emergence of the Gobbler and the Smiley during the game challenge the player and make the game that much more interesting.
I asked three experienced gobbler hunters--Tim Herald, Rick White and Jason Kidd--what they would do in situations commonly encountered in the turkey woods.