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Synonyms for gobbledygook

unintelligible or nonsensical talk or language

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incomprehensible or pompous jargon of specialists

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Scott published The Gobbledygook Manifesto, which contains the full analysis as well as ideas for how public relations (PR) people can write more effectively.
What marketing guru has lined his own pockets by producing the gobbledygook that seeks to justify it?
Much grad school gobbledygook elsewhere, hypertextual frenzifying, like Irving Malin's "Foreshadowing the Text," in which, like a raddled entomologist documenting ant-farm behavior, he makes nine journal entries over nine days, earnestly (and artlessly) telescoping on certain words ("Notice that the word `slap' introduces, if only somewhat briefly, the idea of violence") and little themes.
Another way to protect yourself is to open Word files in WordPad and ignore the gobbledygook at the top and bottom.
The distinction between a divorce, which ends a marriage, and an annulment, which denies one ever existed, may indeed be gobbledygook.
There's an enormous downside: a web increasingly laden with gobbledygook," wrote VRML co-author Mark Pesce in the pages of Feed magazine in March 1998.
Straussians and Randians are both notorious for their cabals, for scornful rejection of the possibility of actually learning something from those who affirm opposite views, for endlessly repeating mantras that satisfy those within the circle but sound like so much gobbledygook to those outside.
Every accountant who is fed up with this totally incomprehensible gobbledygook should tear this column out of the paper, scribble across it |I agree' and send it to the AICPA.
It wasn't about technical gobbledygook, it was about money and politics and society.
Worry no more, the Plain English Campaign has come up with a Gobbledygook Generator which supplied the phrases above.
Instead of coming out with the kind of coach gobbledygook that talks about 'setting goals' and 'working hard as a group' Jose just made it all sound like a laugh.
For every report which he can quote to support the existence of global warming I can produce one in contradiction, which is why I in my earlier letter I described the situation as gobbledygook.
ONE of the things we had to look at was the balance between that solution (a new stadium) and a staying at Anfield type solution, and the work we've done on that showed us that as long as we could find the right solution to stay at Anfield and get through the barriers and hurdles that we needed, we would have to find the best longterm solution for the club that had sustainability and worked economically the right solution is the right economic solution this whole initiative is designed to generate additional revenues so the ultimate solution has to be one that increases the overall output through the process rather than decreasing it, and we'll find the right financing solution " Let's give Liverpool FC chief executive Ian Ayre a hand and translate the gobbledygook.
A migraine was later blamed for the presenter talking gobbledygook, and I sent my Beeb colleague a wee text, which read: "Soon well get.
Plain English Campaign's Marie Clair added: "It may sound clever to the writer, but it's gobbledygook to the reader.