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Synonyms for gobbledygook

unintelligible or nonsensical talk or language

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incomprehensible or pompous jargon of specialists

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A major drawback of the generic gobbledygook approach is that your company doesn't stand out from the crowd.
The good news is Magold-D is easy to spot as its subject line is pure gobbledygook to those who don't speak Hungarian.
What marketing guru has lined his own pockets by producing the gobbledygook that seeks to justify it?
Now, the CEO might have said exactly that, but the value of the paraphrase is that we can translate such gobbledygook into English.
Much grad school gobbledygook elsewhere, hypertextual frenzifying, like Irving Malin's "Foreshadowing the Text," in which, like a raddled entomologist documenting ant-farm behavior, he makes nine journal entries over nine days, earnestly (and artlessly) telescoping on certain words ("Notice that the word `slap' introduces, if only somewhat briefly, the idea of violence") and little themes.
BuzzWhack: What an ex-newspaperman does to gobbledygook
Another way to protect yourself is to open Word files in WordPad and ignore the gobbledygook at the top and bottom.
The distinction between a divorce, which ends a marriage, and an annulment, which denies one ever existed, may indeed be gobbledygook.
Straussians and Randians are both notorious for their cabals, for scornful rejection of the possibility of actually learning something from those who affirm opposite views, for endlessly repeating mantras that satisfy those within the circle but sound like so much gobbledygook to those outside.
Every accountant who is fed up with this totally incomprehensible gobbledygook should tear this column out of the paper, scribble across it |I agree' and send it to the AICPA.
Pure gobbledygook, but since these are not medical claims, the FDA believes it has little power to stop them.
Whatever happens to distressed overseas workers like [Veloso] in the meantime may in large measure be attributable to a fixation for legal gobbledygook, an abstraction of lofty legal principles and procedure that is open to serious impression that they are bereft of reality, compassion and a sincere search for justice in a case where time is of the essence,' he said.
Coventry has always been regarded as a leader when it comes to caring for those less fortunate and if cuts in services have to be made please spare us from this gobbledygook and lay the blame where it belongs, with the Government, who are crippling our services with their cut in grants to local authorities.
Remember that sometimes contracts read like gobbledygook because that's precisely what they are Businesses cobble together contracts from things they find online.
Richard Smith, from Kirkby, is giving copies of The Tuffy Stories and The Gobbledygook to every single ward with the help of fellow magician Mike Heesom.