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a lump or chunk of raw meat

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So many different things can affect the price of a share, from a gobbet of news about the listed company in question to how hard a trader was partying the previous night.
As far as examinations are concerned, greater weighting might be given in the later stages of programmes to 'gobbet' type questions, in which students evaluate and contextualize extracts of primary evidence.
This is admirably succinct, though wordy compared with the terse original (literally: "O people, if you are in doubt about Resurrection--lo, We created you from dust, then from a drop, then from a clot, then from a gobbet ...").
True, Andy Stern, head of the Service Employees International Union, threw a gobbet of red meat onto the convention floor by confiding to the Washington Post's David Broder that another four years of Bush might be less damaging than the stifling of needed reform within the party and the labor movement that would occur if Kerry becomes President.
[provoke gob mouthful lump<ME gobe, gobbet lump, mouthful <OF/Gallic >gobble hatch opening of eggs <Scan./G hecken hoick sudden rise Hoist abruptly.
At the scene of a fifty-car smashup, bodies strewn everywhichway like bloody pick-up-sticks, there will invariably be some gobbet of human phlegm who, with slack jaw and extruded tongue, positions himor herself behind the stringer with the mike, who waves to the world or to Morn while squishing an ejected large colon 'neath his/her Nikes.
But because of Hopkins's Aeschylean grasp of naturalist reality, the most urgent activity of his windhover at end of May, the serial decapitation of young sparrows to feed his own needy brood (`off-stage' in the poem, as in Greek tragedy), remains for all but the antiHellenist sentimentalist an inescapable aspect of his subtext (not an embarrassing gobbet of `natural history' Hopkins has overlooked in his role as whimsical zealot); and so the piece breaks off as a sectarian homily, to be revealed as a liturgy of the universal, with tragedy at its heart.
Schork would argue that "the identification of the medium and the form of the author's original gobbet of information is an important prelude to an interpretation of the material after it has been digested into the text" (p.
Tiny aphids are squeezed together in a gooey gobbet and stuck between spruce needles.
Borrowing from the Renfrew and Bahn format, Martin Hall has worked hard with his publisher on how to get his often complex information across to the reader as attractively and as painlessly as possible: there are combinations of paper colour for the text, a photograph or a line drawing on every page, lengthy captions in a different typeface from the text, and the text is further broken up on most pages by a box containing a bite-sized gobbet on a special topic.
The boy's father had a gobbet of deer meat on his hunting knife halfway to his mouth when the boy said, "Prevarication Jones." The knife remained in midpassage, and Mr.
Apart from anything else, golf is a game where the ball is played as you find it, and if you find it in a disgusting gobbet of phlegm it's not exactly going to help your putting.
On guided tours of the factory, you can see the master craftsmen, some of whom spend decades perfecting their art, turn a glowing gobbet of molten glass fresh from the furnace into a multi-faceted work of art.
This little mass of humanity--this tender gobbet for