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a verbalization that encourages you to attempt something

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A Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade spokesperson said: "While the majority did pay attention during the talk, one or two were observed to blatantly ignore the safety talk and continued to jump into the sea whilst goading the rescue members present at the same time.
"It was so stupid the way she was goading and goading and goading her.
Morales issued the statement following Duterte's tirades against her, because in an interview with NHK World Japan she criticized Duterte for 'goading people to kill,' which she found 'unacceptable.'
DYLAN Hartley must steel himself for intense "goading" from Wales when England open their Six Nations campaign in Cardiff, according to Graham Rowntree.
point and Mr Salim was goading the complainant saying, 'what are they going to do?
It looks as though the goading has had the desired effect (for the Tories!) with the Labour party being starved of funds and co-operation by the unions.
"They were putting it like I was goading. I was walking backwards and he was walking to me.
8 (Xinhua-ANI): A court in northwest China's Qinghai Province Friday sentenced a man to 13 years in jail for goading a monk to self-immolate and inciting split of the state.
"I know before I picked the knife up he was goading me and belittling me and saying 'Come on big lad' and laughing at me."
Ms Stobbart said: "It was him goading me, not the other way round."
Recall Patricia McBride in "Rubies," a thoroughbred showing Edward Villella how fast she can move and goading him to top her in Balanchine's delirious version of the Kentucky Derby.
It seems inadequate, however, as a method of goading high and low into contention, if this is indeed Brown's aim.
Nor were the senators concerned that they were goading citizens to commit what the high courts have said is an unlawful act.
McCracken had snapped after prolonged goading by Eastman as he celebrated victory over Mark Baker.
Also, Hayward's prejudice against women is fully apparent in his condemnation of Somerset's wife, Anne Stanhope, as a jealous and devilish harridan responsible for goading her husband into the arrest and execution of his brother.