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Synonyms for goaded

compelled forcibly by an outside agency

References in classic literature ?
To have goaded Numa then into active resistance might have brought the whole herd down upon him and so Tarzan waited to learn first what their attitude would be.
Thus goaded the bulls came closer, redoubling their hideous clamor; but Sheeta was already sufficiently engaged--he did not even hear them.
"Do you call it idiotic to refuse to marry a man I don't love?" said Anne coldly, goaded to reply.
Worms will turn, and even meek, mild, obedient little souls like Cecily may be goaded to the point of wild, sheer rebellion.
When he has nothing left, must not his desires, crowding in the nest like young ravens, be crying aloud for food; and he, goaded on by them, and especially by love himself, who is in a manner the captain of them, is in a frenzy, and would fain discover whom he can defraud or despoil of his property, in order that he may gratify them?
Aston Villa fans have been urged to contact the club over allegations supporters were goaded by a steward that led to clashes with police against Crystal Palace.
Rodgers has vigorously defended his players against the accusation they goaded Lewis Ferguson and showed no grace in victory.
A HOMELESS man was jailed for squirting ammonia at a group of youths who "abused and goaded" him as he queued to get food from a charity.
JOSE MOURINHO admitted he lost his cool and goaded Juventus fans after Manchester United's stunning smash-and-grab win.
RECKLESS boys tombstoning off rocks on the North East coast 'goaded' and ignored rescue teams called to their aid.
At 5 p.m., Humilde said Gacuyan goaded his companions to a race and was swept by the river current.
The victim suffered a burn mark to his cheek after he passed the lit cigarette to her and goaded her to assault him, Kirklees Magistrates' Court was told.
A TOUGH guy's taunts after a stranger punched him in the street left him with a painful message The victim, who had a police record for violence and affray, goaded his attacker asking him: "Is that the best you can do?" The reply was another punch in the face which knocked out a tooth and left him with black eyes and needing stitches.