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Synonyms for go-getter

an intensely energetic, enthusiastic person

Synonyms for go-getter

someone whose career progresses rapidly

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12 meeting of the Pleasant Valley Go-Getters Club was called to order by Chloe Hopkins.
Creating Membership" is this year's Go-Getters campaign for HAA.
We defined go-getters as people in the 25-39 year-old category and then used Census Bureau data to examine positive flows of this migrating group for the years 2004-2008.
Among them are Cosmetic Pampering Studio and Avon Go-Getters.
Carlyle plays an ecstasy-taking farmer whose tranquillity is invaded by go-getters wanting to turn his rural idyll into a theme park.
Consider the impact this group of graying go-getters will have on long term care.
SUPER League go-getters Halifax Blue Sox are set to tell England Rugby Union stand-off Jonny Wilkinson: "Give us a call if you fancy switching codes.
After classifying Permian animal species as active go-getters or passive couch potatoes, the team went back to the database to see which sea animals would likely have died.
As his movement grew to a cult-like following across the south and into the Mid-West, Watts enlisted a team of proven go-getters to aid him in his vision- co-CEO G.
WHEN the new season of The Apprentice started many predicted people would no longer watch a show about go-getters in pinstripes because the recession had revealed go-getters in pinstripes to be avaricious, incompetent losers.
Jennifer Allen of Mexico City has been named the winner of Southern New Hampshire University's Go-Getters Challenge, a two-month campaign to award one contestant a free Global MBA.
Young go-getters took a stretched limo ride to their own Oscars night to celebrate achievements in sport, drama and music.
MIDLAND go-getters were given the inside track into how to make key acquisitions work for them.
It's all there - the palm trees, the porn industry, the Malibu beaches, the endlessly sprawling blanket of nighttime lights, the flakes, the go-getters, the opportunists and, yes, the Achievers.