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She said: 'We cannot stop mistakes from happening entirely and we recognise that sometimes things go wrong.
Mention it in meetings before things go wrong, and position the Code of Ethics openly within your company or business early so that it is the focus of discussions when you need it.
But since we can't, we'd better think through as many situations as possible, analyze what could go wrong, and develop contingency plans.
Hospital policy should be clear and unequivocal (and in writing): patients are entitled to a full and compassionate explanation when things go wrong.
When things go wrong in the performance the couple tackles it objectively.
Just by their very nature, large-scale publicity events have a certain amount of uncertainty to them--something will go wrong.
Do leave space for the main course, and you can't go wrong with shrimp or lobster in a garlic sauce.
But she meant that if I try to be like that rose, to be a gift of love, and if I'm living God's will, then nothing can go wrong.
What if every single dumb little thing that could possibly go wrong actually does go wrong, and your school year is cursed from Day One?
Ineffective pessimist--You believe that whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and are so focused on defining problems that there is virtually no thought given to coming up with potential solutions.
In the end, it is impossible to rub the crystal ball and predict what might go wrong during your construction or development project.
Murphy's Law dictates that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
Some people have naively suggested that the risk-management function is responsible for everything that can go wrong in a company.
Simply put, there are more things involved and potentially more things that can go wrong, and these have to be taken into account when setting and quoting export prices.
Contingency was banned for a reason: In two evenings' worth of songs and stories about how things tend to go wrong, nothing was supposed to go wrong.