go to war

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commence hostilities

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Critique: A unique blend of botanical and military history by botanist Judith Sumner, "Plants Go to War: A Botanical History of World War II" in an original and meticulous study that is as informed and informative as it is accessible organized and reader friendly in presentation.
In an interview on Fox Business News, Trump was asked if America is going to go to war with Iran.
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday Tehran had no intension to go to war with US forces in the Middle East, where Iran has been involved in proxy wars with U.S.
"It is about finesse and out-classing your opponents, but if I need to go to war, I will go to war."
Asked about Keane's assertion that the Republic need to "go to war" in the Group D showdown, boss O'Neill replied: "Roy went to war every single time he played for about 14 years.
"I don't wish to go to war - what I want to do is achieve a world where we don't need to go to war."
JEREMY CORBYN has apologised on behalf of Labour for Tony Blair's decision to go to war in Iraq, saying it was a "stain" on the party and country.
When challenged on the need for armored shields for military vehicles in a bomb-rich environment, then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said, "you go to war with the army you have." But Rumsfeld didn't need to go to war at all, and had plenty of time to plan for procurement of needed equipment (or could have made time if he hadn't been in such a hurry to get to Baghdad).
The United States won't go to war against Iran because its economy has collapsed and it can't afford to go to war, the commander of the Basij Force, Brigadier General Mohammad--Reza Naqdi, said Monday.
The Congressional authorization to go to war in the soil of a foreign country, United States president unilaterally executing 'War Powers' without such authorization, the role of the United Nations Security Council in such interventions and soon-to-be secretary of state John Kerry's incoherent explanation before the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee January 24 should be taken note of by the rest of the World.
What It Is Like to Go To War provides a powerful survey of combat that analyzes the experience and ordeal of combat and its toll on body and mind alike.
October 07 2011 (TUR) -- Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu did not make a statement like "Turkey will go to war with Syria," diplomatic officials said on Friday.
PRIME Minister David Cameron would be ill advised to go to war in Libya.
At the end of his evidence Mr Blair still insisted that he was right to go to war but said that he regretted "deeply and profoundly" the loss of life which occurred.
The Lebanon-Syria summit in Damascus on Tuesday should decide whether Beirut and Damascus will go to war together or to peace talks together, said Emile Khoury of the Beirut daily AN NAHAR Tuesday.