go to war

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commence hostilities

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We really have to go to war because Saddam Hussein poses a threat,'' the 18-year-old Burbank student said.
MANCHESTER city council also wrote to Mr Blair, urging him not to go to war without a second UN resolution.
There are very few people now who would say that a man should go to war to colonize another nation - not only people like me, and not just because I'm Indian.
President Bush repeatedly stated that he would go to war, if necessary, to enforce United Nations resolutions to disarm Iraq.
Larry Hugick, who led the survey, said: "We found that most Americans weren't happy to go to war without support.
Yet hardly a voice has been raised saying there are no circumstances in which we should go to war on Saddam.
In a conversation with Bob Kiss, speaker of the West Virginia House of Delegates, this past week concerning the fact that they are both fathers of twins, Bush said, ``I've been to war; I've raised twins; if I had a choice, I'd rather go to war.
Last month 100 American celebrities signed a letter to President Bush urging him not to go to war.
If we were to go to war, I think if I was old enough I would probably want to do something, be a nurse or something to help people,'' she said.
Omitted from this description was recognition of a key fact: By passing that resolution, Congress abdicated its solemn responsibility to decide whether our nation will go to war.
Unless we are trying to conquer the territory of the Middle East, there is nothing more foolish we could do than go to war.
Do people really think that if we go to war, no deaths will occur in this country and no more American citizens will be attacked in their homeland?
It's like joining the Army, and you go through basic training, and you get ready to go to war, and you go to war with your gun jammed,'' Jets running back Curtis Martin told The New York Times.