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He heard the boy in his shrill little voice telling his uncle what he thought about the dogs, who seemed to him huge and terrible creatures, and asking what the dogs were going to hunt next day, and the soldier in a husky, sleepy voice, telling him the sportsmen were going in the morning to the marsh, and would shoot with their guns; and then, to check the boy's questions, he said, "Go to sleep, Vaska; go to sleep, or you'll catch it," and soon after he began snoring himself, and everything was still.
Well, what was done could not be helped; I would go to sleep at once and make up the lost time.
Now shut your eyes and go to sleep,--and fair dreams and sweet repose," I replied.
"If you told him to stay up there, and go to sleep alone, make him do it, or he will never learn to mind you."
I've told him he must go to sleep, as you bid him, and he must, if I stay here all night."
We both turned round, and tried to go to sleep again, but we could not.
Ellmother reminded her, "if you will only go to sleep."
She did not cry, but she lay and hated the sound of the heavily beating rain, she hated the wind and its "wuthering." She could not go to sleep again.
The wind wuthered so I couldn't go to sleep and I heard some one crying and wanted to find out who it was.
"Because I couldn't go to sleep either and my head ached.
"I wish I could go to sleep before you leave me," he said rather shyly.
"If I go to sleep I'll have to shut my eyes," he explained; "and if I shut my eyes they may grow together, and then I'd be blind for life!"
And the thought of it makes me so nervous I'm afraid to go to sleep."
"Well, let us go to sleep -- let us go to sleep; and the sooner the better.
When we go to sleep and enter REM (Rapid Eye Movement), our bodies become completely paralysed as areas of the brain that control movement are deactivated.