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be present at (meetings, church services, university), etc.

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"We got to go to a strip club, we got to go to a strip club," and I'm thinking this is probably destiny.
Parveen Hassan, 11: I would like to go to Spain because my uncle went and he showed me the pictures.
And they're dying because they don't have a car they can get into and go to a hotel.
That's a big concern of mine: I want people, and especially parents if they pick up The Advocate or they see me doing these ads--I don't want them to go to their daughters and say, "Honey, she cannot be your role model anymore." I want them to say, "You see what this woman is doing?
You go to the next one and take that one out, and by the next day the whole command and control and communication of the Iraqi system is taken out.
If not, then I'd go to the bookstores and get the books.
How many years did we go to NUMMI in just complete denial?
You are going to go to a place filled with people who are smarter than you are" (which is definitely the case) "and who really don't care or know anything about the one thing you care about and know something about."
You go to the old cliche "location, location, location." There are properties on the market that have $1,000 a SF asking rents and have bidders.
Moore: If you go to the library and pull up the New York Times for November 17, 1965, you will find on the front page a piece by Charles Mohr, in which he describes a briefing in Saigon where an American briefing officer told the press that one of these Chinese advisors had been captured in South Vietnam in this Pleiku campaign of 1965, and I believe they brought out a North Vietnamese prisoner of war who admitted that in front of the news media.
"The insured was nonrenewed, and the agent had to go to 20 different markets until he finally found a market to take the risk," Eberhardt said.
Go to a client that could probably utilize some increased technology, but at the same time, since they're clients, increase and enhance our relationship with them.
Reinhardt: A good test case of that would be if you go to a university anywhere in the country.
And it seems to me one approach to this was to go to those sanctions and eliminate those items in the sanctions regime that really were of civilian use and benefited people, and focus them exclusively on weapons of mass destruction and items that could be directed toward the development of weapons of mass destruction.
It's my family, I read the newspapers, I feel certain things, but to say, for example, that I want to go to the Occupied Territories right now, no.