go steady

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date regularly

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Go Steady has also developed the Grooved Grip for its canes and crutches.
Well, we also hope that that Charlie and Morgana go steady in their relationship.
"You've just got to try to hang in there, go steady and give yourself a chance of getting your card and possibly even winning.
Smullen adds: "If they go steady up front it can get congested rounding the final bend and you can't afford to be six or seven horses wide turning in.
Ladyflash, their most recognisable hit, was unrecognisable, while Ready To Go Steady was almost embarrassing.
Eight out of 10 employees now want to "go steady" for the long-term with their employer; 43 per cent say they want to work for a single company for their entire career, and 34 per cent want to work for no more than two to three companies over their career span.
TheEPhas been released with backing from Go Steady Records, a company co-founded by Sam, and features the band's energetic punk-rock sound.