go past

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be superior or better than some standard

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To go past them and put my name in the books is a very proud moment for myself and my family.
And in a way I don't want to go level with Laker, or go past him, because I don't consider myself in the same league as him, and yet I find myself on the same page of the record books.
Don't go past a hand throttle position half-way from the bottom.
What if I was having such a great time I decided to go past my mentally self-imposed two-drink minimum?
I brought Hector on to see if he could go past people, and at least he pulled their defenders about a bit more and that brought about the chance for the goal.
From there, track the receivable to make sure it doesn't go past due, keep an eye out for chargebacks or discounts to the receivables, and make collection calls on the receivable if something goes wrong.
I spit at that place every time I go past,' glowered a former resident of the Colebrook Home in South Australia.
He has the ability to go past players and go past defenders.
Antonio Valencia seems not to want to go past people while Ashley Young keeps cutting inside.
On the growth of the tablets, Meeker expects the global smartphone plus tablet install base will go past install base of the PC by the end of Q2 2013.
Langer, who has now scored 28,080 runs in an 18-year career, said: "I'm thrilled to beat the record - not so much to go past him because he is in a league of his own.
But the new owner of the 19th century stone building in Cardiff will have to invest in ear plugs if they decide to live there, as about 100 trains go past every day.
Go past one light and take the first left turn onto Connell Avenue.