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Synonyms for hysteria

Synonyms for hysteria

excessive or uncontrollable fear

neurotic disorder characterized by violent emotional outbreaks and disturbances of sensory and motor functions

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Occasionally, after producing what I felt was a Bosnian sentence, all eight of them would go into hysterics, and we were back to square one.
Visiting NATO headquarters near Brussels on his first visit to the West, Lebed, a former general and an aspirant to the presidency, said publicly, ``Whatever NATO decides, Russia is not going to go into hysterics,'' but he urged NATO to ``wait a generation'' before expanding.
Dawn can still make me go into hysterics when she does her Mick Jagger impression.
These real women hit the condom machine in the loo, screw around, have affairs, swear, get drunk and go into hysterics when a bloke in a fireman's uniform strips off.