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It's like having a football game go into the fifth quarter because you don't like the results at the end of the fourth quarter.
If I go into an Air Operations Center today it's not unusual to walk up, actually we're getting a lot better so I'll say three or four years ago, walk up to a place where you have one person sitting behind a workstation with three or four workstations and three or four screens in front of them.
You go into the book stores, any of the big chains, and once upon a time there was a section called "Religion." You'd go there and you'd find The Interpreter's Bible, which you were all brought up on, you'd find a lot of stuff from Billy Graham, there would be Catherine Marshall--a book a day by Catherine Marshall--a lot of religious education stuff, and so forth.
As I go into these sorts of programs, I'm going to be trying to invest in those countries that have made the necessary changes that put them on the path of democracy and the free enterprise system and not keep propping up despots who won't move in the right direction.
Was always involved in civic affairs--hoped to go into politics."
While six new power plants are under construction in California, and the California Energy Commission has approved plans for the construction of three more, all nine won't go into operation until summer 2003.
One of the big fears I have for Europe is that we'll go into committee and say, "Is this a good thing?"
Could you go into a little more detail on how you go about preparing for an audit?
We just pounded this in, and we finally got a unanimous vote to go into the foundation.
They're the guys that have to go into the board of directors and ask for more iron.