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Ding Dong unleashes another humdinger in the shape of Go Forth North in the Time & Tide Museum Maiden Auction Stakes (3.
The following verses show how the Buddha went into the temple after letting Bhadda go forth, how he achieved liberation before sunset, and how the Buddha came out of his solitary meditation to invite him "Come, Bhadda," which is his ordination (Th 477-478; Norman 49).
Go forth and buy their single, Directioners (as if you need to be told), and read more from the boys on page 6.
I heard several colleagues declaim against sin, I heard others admit to having sinned, and there was a general feeling that we should all go forth and sin no more.
So I guess all I've got to say is, go forth, give it all you've got, and may God bless you.
We were told to go forth and multiply, but what if it turns out that we'd rather not?
Leaders don't simply wave a wand and say, "You are empowered, go forth and do quality things.
Employee communication professionals will have a "seat at the table" when it comes to developing strategy and will not only be called in after the strategy has been developed and asked to go forth and tell people about it.
And then he explains each step of every process in such careful detail that you feel you could go forth and do likewise this very afternoon.
After a list of the steps that individuals, communities and the government could take, the communique ended with a ringing call to action: `Let us go forth from this Sacred Assembly with the commitment to walk side by side with the Creator in a common search for justice and reconciliation.
In terms of emergency planning, we've got to look at nursing homes as a place where nursing and medical attention can go forth.
These became part of that child who went forth every day, and who now goes and will always go forth every day,
Go forth and be what you are from this point on--weapons officers, patch wearers.
Let the word go forth from this time and place that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans.