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It begins to go away only after Barry Bonds breaks the career home-run record.
Christmas is now a very popular time and we expect a million British people to go away for Christmas this year.
I am 15 and would prefer to go away with my best friend and older cousin.
Nearly 80 percent of those women surveyed said they would wait 24 hours to see if these flu-like symptoms go away.
You have to go away and, after all, it is only for a few days.
Or will it be the withdrawn Jonah telling them to go away, he doesn't want to see them and doesn't need or love them anymore.
Maybe I should go away too although I find it weird being in a hot country for Christmas RACHEL STEVENS: "I'd like to be with my family, but I'd also like to go away.
If we do go away from that too quickly - and we've only been in the Premier League two years - we'll come unstuck.
The event costs pounds 34 to enter and means that any local rider should at least go away having broken even on the event.
Police said there were no charges against Go Away Holidays.
We've let too many great American brands go away," O'Connell said, "and a lot more than brands go away -- jobs go away, opportunities go away, futures go away, and people go away.
Too many people are simply closing their eyes to this problem and hoping that it will go away.
The fact that people are voicing these very real frustrations through the Environmental Quality Act doesn't mean you take away the Environmental Quality Act and they go away.
It never goes away completely," she said, "because death, illness, divorce and unexpected job loss never go away.
We got a home draw in the first round, so we can't complain if we do have to go away again.