go ahead

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Synonyms for go ahead

proceed (with a plan of action)


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Appin's death for us; we have none too much money, nor yet meal; the longer they seek, the nearer they may guess where we are; it's all a risk; and I give my word to go ahead until we drop.
go ahead, George, go ahead; but be careful, my boy; don't shoot anybody, George, unless--well--you'd better not shoot, I reckon; at least, I wouldn't hit anybody, you know.
Ere they returned to camp he knew enough to stop at "ho," to go ahead at "mush," to swing wide on the bends, and to keep clear of the wheeler when the loaded sled shot downhill at their heels.
However, I am aching for a chance to kill you, so go ahead and cut.
If you kin tell this story better than I kin, go ahead an' tell it.
My husband and I are thrilled to be the lucky winners of the Go Ahead Tours' Tuscan Spa Week that we won at the WOR Radio Get Healthy Expo.
Handelsbanken corporate manager Simon Lenney has been involved with Go Ahead for years and was delighted that Handelsbanken's newly launched asset-finance product was able to meet Go Ahead's strict financial criteria.
Go Ahead Tours, a leader in cultural discovery through guided tours and global journeys, announces the hiring of Cyril Lemaire as Vice President, Marketing.
Mallorca and other Spanish sides involved in international ties last night had pressed Uefa to postpone the games - only to be told by the governing body that the matches must go ahead.
However, this increase does not seem to have satisfied trainers, jockeys and owners but Ian Renton, racing director at Arena, is determined the meeting will go ahead.
In keeping with our education through discovery theme, our partnership with The Wine Enthusiast allows us to offer our customers a wealth of knowledge about the most exclusive vineyards, wine regions and wine selections in the world," said Chris O'Brien president of Go Ahead Vacations.
Go Ahead Vacations, the US arm of one of the world's largest international leisure and educational travel companies with 100 affiliated offices in 40 countries, announced that it has agreed to purchase FAR&WIDE's Grand European Tours operation, subject to approval of the federal bankruptcy court, and to operate Grand European pending bankruptcy approval of the sale.
However, a decision not to go ahead with the project would not preclude an upgrade, as long as there is no negative effect on rates and financial performance, Standard & Poor's said.
CONTACT: Go Ahead Software Kaufer Miller Communications
Its best-known product, Go Ahead Doctor(TM), is the first comprehensive management solution specifically designed for Intel-based systems.