go ahead

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Synonyms for go ahead

proceed (with a plan of action)


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"They have all deemed tonight's event should go ahead as planned."
'Our legal department has asked us to go ahead and obey the Court of Appeal order against the Federal High court judgement.
'But if you take violence as your option, I said go ahead, and let us find out...
Opponents Go Ahead Eagles, in contrast, are in something of a mess.
It added: "Coventry Pride will go ahead without 'Coventry pride' and the team are working hard to make it a Coventry event, not a spin off of Leamington.
Now David Brown, CEO for Go Ahead has entered the fray.
VATICAN CITY: Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Lebanon next month will go ahead as scheduled, the Vatican said Monday, despite tensions in the country linked to the raging conflict in Syria.
And the Football League also confirmed that all scheduled games in London would go ahead as planned, despite riots afflicting the city.
Ecclestone has admitted the race will not go ahead after 11 F1 teams objected.
"If we had been advised by police not to go ahead with the gig due to public safety reasons, it would have been cancelled - plain and simple.
It's obviously a fast-emerging nation that New Zealand enjoys good relations with and we're looking to advance a free-trade agreement with so it has always been our position that we hope the games can go ahead and that New Zealand athletes would be safe and sound as they carried out their sporting events.
However, he remained confident that the game would go ahead and YM's head coach Damon Scholes has selected a 19-man squad for the trip to the East coast.
Global Banking News-20 March 2009-Venezuela to go ahead with nationalisation of Santander bank unit(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.enpublishing.co.uk
HUNDREDS of cruise ship passengers have been told their world trip will go ahead - despite Midland travel agents Travelscope Holidays going into administration.
PLANS for a new summit cafe on Snowdon are to go ahead after the proposals were modified to cut costs and extra funds raised.