go against

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fail to agree with



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Robson scored his first international try in his second cap after arriving from the bench with 18 minutes to go against Italy.
The Gulf countries also promote free speech provided that it does not go against their moral and ethical obligations or national interests.
Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi, accompanied by other leaders, said the summons go against efforts started by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga to foster unity in the country.
Daily Messenger also learnt that opposition can go against two names like ND Khan and Syed Murtaza Wahab, therefore in meeting Nasir Aslam Zahid was in contemplation for next caretaker Chief Minister of Sindh because opposition can't go against him.
"The reckless actions that go against the flow of improvements in inter-Korean relations are going beyond limits," Ri said.
He informed that the party leadership has communicated its concern to six to seven lawmakers in internal party meetings who might go against the party policy.
(TAP) -- The Congress for the Republic (CPR) party called Wednesday the government to review the 2018 finances law as well as on all its choices which go against the demands of the people.
Summary: The film follows Iman and Nora who go against patriarchal traditions
But Birmingham City Council planning committee members said they could not go against the health and safety warning.
The Ombudsman has upheld five of the woman's six complaints about the way the authority handled the matter and, among other recommendations, says members of the planning committee should receive more training to avoid making the same mistakes again and that when members go against recommendations the reasons should be accurately recorded.
"I think there is no confusion in our mind that we have to go against the phenomenon of terrorism, against all terrorists, and their abettors," he added.
"We had played well but did not take our chances and then two big decisions go against us."
The followers, of course, believed that to go against Alamo was to go against "a prophet of God," an agent said in the filing, so they did what he said.