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intuitive knowledge of spiritual truths

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From nutritional and fortified yeasts to yeast fractions, probiotic yeasts and bacteria, vitamin or pure molecules, Gnosis by Lesaffre targets a wide range of applications: digestive health, bone protection, immunity enhancement, joints and liver health, woman's health, vegetarian support, overall wellbeing and personal care.
Gnosis is a historical category to comprehend a particular worldview that involves dualism, cosmogony, soteriology, eschatology and cult, having immediate moral consequences (Rudolph, 1987, p.
Platonic philosophers and the Gnostics, although assuming a significant chasm between humanity and the One, believed that with gnosis, the soul would be freed from the body and it would eventually ascend back to unity with the One.
1) [T]here is much to be dissatisfied with about the world (including being trapped in a pathetic, weak and mortal human body); 2) this world is replete of suffering, ignorance, and death that should be eliminated; 3) salvation from such evil is possible; 4) the order of being must be changed and perfected through developmental/evolutionary human processes; 5) humans are capable of effecting such change, first through transhumanism, but definitely through posthumanism; and 6) humans are now discovering the gnosis needed to bring about such change.
This article reflects on the structure of La lampara maravillosa, by Valle-Inclan, and suggests a new hypothesis on its structure, based on a thorough research of "Gnosis" and the study of the ascription of "Guion de las glosas" to the spiritist and theosophical literature of meditative nature.
What, first of all, is gnosis? To follow Elaine Pagels: gnosis is "Self-Knowledge as Knowledge of God" (The Gnostic Gospels, New York: Random House, 1979, 119).
Practicing Gnosis; ritual, magic, theurgy and liturgy in Nag Hammadi, Manichaean and other ancient literature; essays in honor of Birger A.
Such a guide who is enlightened with gnosis, is called a Murshid in the terminology of Sufism and Islamic Mysticism.
Even as the memories of the spectacle are still fresh, Akram Khan and his troupe are touring across six cities in India with his latest project, Gnosis, a classical- contemporary fusion piece based on the relationship between Duryodhana and Gandhari.
Akram Khan Dance Company is unquestionably one of the greatest of UK contemporary dance companies: the astonishingly beautiful performance Gnosis is inspired by the Mahabharata, in particular the story of Gandhari, wife of the blind king who blindfolds herself for life to share his journey.
We nurture them not only through traditional training, but also with informal learning from experts and thought leaders within the organization and also by encouraging collaboration with colleagues and peers through our collaborative learning platform 'Gnosis'.