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indicator provided by the stationary arm whose shadow indicates the time on the sundial

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But the narrator in Gnomon assures us that all citizens understand and accept the Witness' omnibenevolent surveillance and guidance.
It is, in fact, the exact position of the gnomon's pointer at clock noon.
"To call Gnomon a work of genius is not entirely a compliment.
Thus, he would have had the opportunity to inspect the aperture of Toscanelli's gnomon for himself while on the top of the dome.
For example, the deletion of the G in GNOMON gives us NOMON, which is not an English word.
They obtained a suitable stone, probably a flagstone, and chiselled in the design, adding the metal gnomon which casts the shadow.
(9) "Gnomon" is a geometrical figure that is formed when a smaller parallelogram is removed from two sides of a larger parallelogram (Gifford 30).
It also boasts the Sundial Bridge, a cantilevered, glass-decked pedestrian bridge over the Sacramento River with a stunning white gnomon pointing skyward at a 42-degree angle.
(Lost Letter, gloss on the next-to-last section of "The Vision of Empire"; rpt Gnomon 41 and Various Hands 18)
Reflecting on the working day, the sundial is in six pieces comprising of five blocks of cherry wood which were all hand carved and positioned around a 4.5m tall gnomon acting as the dial's pointer.
of the porch was a vertical sun-dial, whose gnomon swayed loosely
After Arendt published her dissertation as a book in 1929, it was reviewed in three academic journals, notably, in different disciplines: Kantstudien for philosophy, Zeitschrift fur Kirchengeschichte for theology, and Gnomon for classical studies (Hessen 1931, Eger 1930, Zepf 1932).
A wide hole within the center of the disk previously interpreted as a place to grip the compass could have served as a holding spot for this so-called central gnomon, the team suggests.
The Northern, South facing sundial is a Polar design, with the sundial's face mounted at the sundial's Latitude of 34 [degrees] 25' 14", which has a number of implications: Its gnomon or style must be rectangular, the Sun will always describe full circles around the gnomon and the hour lines are therefore parallel as the Sun's shadow moves from West to East right to left in Fig.