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Synonyms for gnome

a legendary creature resembling a tiny old man

a short pithy saying expressing a general truth

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A child would bring a gnome and we'd stop the train so they could place their gnome in the village.
GNOMES that have brought joy to children for years have been "massacred" by vandals.
And he's not a gnome mummy," Heidi explained excitedly.
GARDEN gnomes are survivalists despite a poll that said 94% of people would never have one in their garden.
Taxi driver Joe said: "The officers who came round were laughing about it but said in all seriousness, if I didn't move the gnome, they would charge me.
However, after failing to be selected for the final event, the gnome and its partner piece - a ghost figurine currently visible from Framwellgate Bridge - went on display instead as part of the university's Art Week, which started on March 9.
It's a big gnome and very visible because it had all these sparkly lights.
Andrew wanted the approval of the real band for his rockery rockers, so he left a set of Gnome Roses under cover of darkness in the garden of bassist Mani, who gave them his backing.
Beginning September 30, travel enthusiasts, like Castle, from across the country submitted videos to the Roaming Gnome explaining why they should be nabbed and taken on an around-the-globe trip.
Outcry at stabbings, hORROR After two long hours, I did finally find the stall that last year brought shame on Santa, the business responsible for a less than ideal gnome exhibition.
Summary: Gnomeo and Juliet: Sherlock Gnomes is set to return to the big screen, with a sequel already under development.
Lore has it that it's good luck to place a gnome in your garden and, as a result, you might notice your garden is a bit tidier.
Linux Mint developers have forked Gnome 3 as a new desktop environment called Cinnamon.