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(Italian) a small dumpling made of potato or flour or semolina that is boiled or baked and is usually served with a sauce or with grated cheese

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2 Stir in 1 crushed garlic clove, fry for 1 min, tip in 400g chopped tomatoes and 500g gnocchi, then bring to a simmer.
As the gnocchi begins to rise to the top, add the kale to the pan and cook for a further 30 seconds.
The perfect marriage of authentic Italian food and our love affair with potatoes, the Pan-Fried Gnocchi brings to the table mouthwatering new combinations of flavour and texture with every moreish bite - delectably crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.
Gnocchi has yet to take off in the U.S., Wooller said.
The lasagna was the third thing I tried, and it tasted delicious, but I still wanted to try making the gnocchi.
Add the gnocchi to a boiling pot of water and when it floats to the top it's ready.
The gnocchi festival includes a la carte dishes with house-made gnocchi including vegetarian options as well as selections prepared freshly with premium meat and seafood.
METHOD FOR THE GNOCCHI: 1 Beat yolks into the mash, add the chives and parmesan and mix in the flour to make a soft dough.
If I am serving fish tacos then we will only use Mexican sauces, Gnocchi is only cooked with Italian herbs and good quality parmesan.
A warming Polish classic - children will love to help make the soft little pillows of tasty gnocchi
Being a bit of a fan of gnocchi, I decide to go for their home-made version of the Italian dumplings, served with roasted baby squash (PS12).
Using two dessert spoons, take a small spoonful of mixture and, using the other spoon, mould the mixture so that it forms a gnocchi (a small oval dumpling).
Dishes on the menu are set to include tagliolini lobster, cod Vicentina (Venetian-style cod), home-made gnocchi truffle (crispy gnocchi with cheese fondue with truffle), Guazzetto di cozze e vongole (mussels and clams with tomato sauce, chilli and white wine) and tuna tartare.