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a laminated metamorphic rock similar to granite

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A comparatively low resistivity ~150 to 580 Ohm.m zone revealed up to 3.8 to 15 m depth laying the whole profile and is recovered as anomalies formations under mean resistivity formations indicating saturated fractured gneissic arena underlain by unfractured gneiss.
Raeside and Barr (1990) subdivided these rocks into two assemblages based on metamorphic grade: mainly lower grade units collectively termed the George River metamorphic suite and mainly higher grade and typically gneissic units termed the Bras d'Or metamorphic suite.
Inselbergs are monolithic mountains or groups of mountains that appear abruptly amidst the landscape, consisting mainly of granitic or gneissic rocks (POREMBSKI et al, 1998; POREMBSKI and BARTHLOTT, 2000).
These last authors argued that this distinction is not entirely reliable in discerning between the larger contribution of a granitic versus a gneissic origin, as this depends on factors related to each single pluton.
These rocks shows a gneissic to schistose structure, coarse to slightly subparallel foliation, lepidogranoblastic to granolepidoblastic texture, dark gray color, containing biotite, quartz, muscovite and plagioclase, among others.
Recently, the felsic alkaline intrusive complexes of Morro do Sao Joao and Tangua, State of Rio de Janeiro (MOTOKI et al., 2014a; 2015a and b), were studied for the purpose of morphologic comparison with gneissic and granitic massifs.
This consists of east-west trending alternating belts of predominantly volcanic, sedimentary and gneissic rocks, fractured by major features such as the Porcupine-Destor fault zone that acted as corridors for gold mineralization emplacement.
[3] coupled with the fact that the basin is rimmed by crystalline basement rocks mainly of granitic and gneissic composition.
The potential for large flake graphite is enhanced by the nearby presence of gneissic granite and the presence of high grade metamorphic mineral assemblages.
The study area near Tirunelveli,Tamilnadu, India (Fig-1) is covered with the Charnockites group of Archean period rocks and by metasedimentary gneissic formations (Narayanaswamy and Lakshmi 1967).
But there are also outlying fluorite occurrences south of both Aare and Gotthard, in the Penninic area of highly folded marine-sedimentary, granitic and gneissic rocks where the leading edge of the African plate began its plunge under Europe.
Partly gneissic rock of the Muhu quartz-monzonite and Taadikvere granodiorite plutons of the Estonian basement shows a U-Pb isotope age about 1.83 Ga (Petersell & Levchenkov 1994; Petersell, unpublished data), whereas quartz-monzonite of the Abja pluton and granodiorite of the Marjamaa pluton yield a U-Pb zircon age of 1.63 Ga (Kirs & Petersell 1994; Ramo et al.
Dynamic metamorphism is obvious in narrow shear zones, which displays gneissic amphibolites.
[5] Luodes, H., Selonen, O, Paakkonen, K.(2000): Evaluation of dimension stone in gneissic rocks - a case history from southern Finland.