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Synonyms for gnaw



Synonyms for gnaw

to seize, as food, with the teeth

to consume gradually, as by chemical reaction or friction

Synonyms for gnaw

bite or chew on with the teeth

become ground down or deteriorate

References in classic literature ?
The dusky twilight was now too transparent for Roderick Elliston; the blackest midnight was his chosen hour to steal abroad; and if ever he were seen, it was when the watchman's lantern gleamed upon his figure, gliding along the street, with his hands clutched upon his bosom, still muttering, "It gnaws me!
Considering how flexible thin wax is, I do not see that there is any difficulty in the bees, whilst at work on the two sides of a strip of wax, perceiving when they have gnawed the wax away to the proper thinness, and then stopping their work.
Now bees, as may be clearly seen by examining the edge of a growing comb, do make a rough, circumferential wall or rim all round the comb; and they gnaw into this from the opposite sides, always working circularly as they deepen each cell.
But the rough wall of wax has in every case to be finished off, by being largely gnawed away on both sides.
It suffices that the bees should be enabled to stand at their proper relative distances from each other and from the walls of the last completed cells, and then, by striking imaginary spheres, they can build up a wall intermediate between two adjoining spheres; but, as far as I have seen, they never gnaw away and finish off the angles of a cell till a large part both of that cell and of the adjoining cells has been built.
But though I gnawed parts of these in my mouth, there was nothing to be got from them.
"He can gnaw through leather as clean as a knife an' jes' about half as quick.
The ostrich that will eat A horseshoe so great, In the stead of meat, Such fervent heat His stomach doth gnaw. He cannot well fly Nor sing tunably.
they swam the river, they gnawed their way through the thick stone walls, and ate him alive where he sat.
That Avarice is an ardent counselor; she carries away her man, as Satan did Jesus, to the mountain, and when once she has shown to an unfortunate all the kingdoms of the earth, she is able to repose herself, knowing full well that she has left her companion, Envy, to gnaw his heart.
The second is, that were it not for this easy borrowing upon interest, men's necessities would draw upon them a most sudden undoing; in that they would be forced to sell their means (be it lands or goods) far under foot; and so, whereas usury doth but gnaw upon them, bad markets would swallow them quite up.
I had heard the call, felt the gnaw of desire, yearned for the anodyne.
Nature Gnaws (, one of the fastest-growing dog chew companies, announced an important alliance with Midwest Laboratories.
"To answer your question in probably gnaws at me personally that we are not getting the goals and we are trying hard to get them.
Mr Wolf deliciously bristles and grizzles, as he scares away the witch, bristles and grizzles and claws and gnaws as he scares that troll away and finally bristles and grizzles and claws and gnaws and howls and growls as, increasingly frightened himself, Mr Wolf manages to scare away the enormous hungry giant.