gnaw at

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Synonyms for gnaw at

become ground down or deteriorate

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Trustee Steve Fox said naming Sileo to watch over the CEO would cause ``gridlock'' at the hospital, and accused Rice and Farrukh of wanting to ``appoint a pit bull to gnaw at the rest of us.
Scientists also don't know if wild mole-rats use dust masks when they gnaw at dirt because no one has ever seen them working underground.
Female scavengers gnaw at their own limbs in a demented "Feast of Harpies.
More important, opportunities to vent feelings and obtain encouragement in social support groups probably lessen the sense of isolation and anxiety regarding death that gnaw at many cancer patients, writes David Spiegel, a psychiatrist at Stanford University School of Medicine, in an accompanying comment.
Alcohol and drug addiction play major roles in causing homelessness among families and these addictions gnaw at the solutions proposed to help them.