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Synonyms for gnaw



Synonyms for gnaw

to seize, as food, with the teeth

to consume gradually, as by chemical reaction or friction

Synonyms for gnaw

bite or chew on with the teeth

become ground down or deteriorate

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Only the fisher (Figure 12) was observed to gnaw directly upon bone, and two bones bearing distinct traces of carnivore gnawing were recorded.
Gnaw the past, dig into the tumor, find a bloody hole laced with
The bargain store chain was fined by magistrates for selling a chocolate bar gnawed by rodents.
"It is a very scary thought that rats can gnaw through your pipes.
The word rodent means "to gnaw" and boy, do rodents love to gnaw!
Weathering has softened the surface of both rock samples, thus facilitating the gnawing activity and perhaps explaining why several different species selected these particular rocks upon which to gnaw. It is also possible that once rodents had gnawed and deposited their scent on the rocks, other rodents would be attracted to inspect and gnaw the rocks in turn.
And lastly, big company mergers are making some administrators gnaw their nails, wondering if mergers will mean they'll have to spend more for software.
To be a friend so that his loneliness wouldn't gnaw on him as bad as my mine did.
Lorenz Jr., CCD, founder of Gnaw Bone Camp in Nashville, Indiana, died in December at the age of eighty-six.
Or else they listened up when analysts told them that an upstart technology called email was going to gnaw Pac-Man-style into their $35 billion in first-class mail revenue.
memory is where our sufferings are nesting no dog can gnaw through his genetic chain but it's quite another thing to run just here in showers of chances but it's quite another thing to run just here in showers of chances inevitability, give me your hand
These sciurids are known to gnaw osseous material (for example, bone and antler) for its mineral content (Schmidly, 1983:127).
He escapes by enticing the prison rats to gnaw through his ropes.
A Pets like gerbils and rabbits have teeth that grow continuously throughout their life, so George needs to chew and gnaw things constantly to wear them down.