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Synonyms for gnash

to rub together noisily


to seize, as food, with the teeth

Words related to gnash

grind together, of teeth

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References in classic literature ?
So we all rode down to Magdala, while the gnashing of teeth waxed and waned by turns, and harsh words troubled the holy calm of Galilee.
The PS10million man had Rams fans gnashing their teeth 12 months,ago when he scored the winner against his old side in the corresponding fixture.
THE gnashing of teeth at the relative paucity of Arsenal's transfer budget should not come from those who wished any ill on former manager Arsene Wenger.
"We must in no way continue to allow the [CDU] to bury, block or drag their feet on the realization of agreed-upon points - also not while gnashing their teeth,"Stegner said.
When a popular idea sails through the Legislature only to meet a gubernatorial veto, it's hard to hear the wheels of liberty churning in the din of gnashing teeth.
Elsewhere, evil Simon continues to fool the locals, in this case Toyah whose torment over PS20 should leave millions gnashing their teeth.
Sorry, had to pause there to stop my teeth gnashing. He and the others who practise this obscene profiteering are the reason ordinary fans can no longer get tickets to see their favourite stars.
Obviously, though, this has caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the South, even though they'd be quite happy to see our glorious countryside plastered in wind turbines to supply them with some cleaner power.
It turned out that, for all of its shrieking, gnashing and slurping, I was also bored by the flick, because it was all apocalyptic agitation and precious little story and empathetic characterization.
I ask each flake of vapor threshed onto the water's gnashing slate
THERE was plenty of gnashing of teeth in midweek when Liverpool midfield target Piotr Zielinski made his first appearance of Euro 2016 for Poland against Ukraine.
Can we drop this wailing and gnashing of teeth and look forward for a change?
LOTS of wailing and gnashing of teeth last week as the UK Government announced it was going ahead with a high-speed rail link between London and Birmingham, together with a pounds 500m tunnel to save Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan's job (because she's worth it).
SO, AFTER all the wailing and gnashing of teeth, we now know that the experts were right when they decided to ground flights following the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano.
ADRIAN CHILES' departure from BBC has been greeted with so much wailing and gnashing of teeth, you'd think Gordon Brown had been ejected from Number 10.