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  • verb

Synonyms for gnash

to rub together noisily


to seize, as food, with the teeth

Words related to gnash

grind together, of teeth

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References in classic literature ?
386-401) As a tusked boar, that is fearful for a man to see before him in the glens of a mountain, resolves to fight with the huntsmen and white tusks, turning sideways, while foam flows all round his mouth as he gnashes, and his eyes are like glowing fire, and he bristles the hair on his mane and around his neck -- like him the son of Zeus leaped from his horse-chariot.
Mr Partridge acted for some time on the defensive only; indeed he attempted only to guard his face with his hands; but as he found that his antagonist abated nothing of her rage, he thought he might, at least, endeavour to disarm her, or rather to confine her arms; in doing which her cap fell off in the struggle, and her hair being too short to reach her shoulders, erected itself on her head; her stays likewise, which were laced through one single hole at the bottom, burst open; and her breasts, which were much more redundant than her hair, hung down below her middle; her face was likewise marked with the blood of her husband: her teeth gnashed with rage; and fire, such as sparkles from a smith's forge, darted from her eyes.
Researchers believe that some kids gnash their chompers because their top and bottom teeth don't meet properly, they have a high tooth they're subconsciously trying to level, or they're stressed.
It was a meditation about the first snow of winter -- an event that often leads adults to wail and gnash their teeth.
Let somebody else become a dove Or gnash his teeth inside a tiger.
8DA 3850 YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 In a spot 9 Huron 10 Eject 11 Raiders 12 Tic 13 Friction 16 Macaroon 17 Dam 19 Calypso 21 Tamil 22 Rival 23 Yearned DOWN: 1 Directs 2 Valencia 3 Spat 4 Christen 5 True 6 Gnash 8 Terminology 13 Flagpole 14 On demand 15 Implode 18 Score 20 Lava 21 Toad QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Street party 8 Raw 9 Hub 11 Eminent 12 Stall 13 Pen 14 Wee 15 Radiate 17 Yob 19 Yank 21 Oath 23 Poem 25 Fear 27 Pea 29 Creeper 31 Rod 34 Lab 36 Grasp 37 Surface 38 Eat 39 Sty 40 Laddishness DOWN: 1 Same 2 Twin 3 Elegant 4 Titbit 5 Asset 6 Thaw 7 Yule 8 Repay 10 Bleak 16 Eye 18 Boa 20 Amp 22 Arc 24 Overran 25 Forge 26 Census 28 Abbey 30 Rapid 32 Oral 33 Data 34 Lass 35 Acts followed
The tern enters the sky, soaring above snarling seas that gnash iceberg