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Synonyms for gnarly

used of old persons or old trees

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A Year 3 class plays a game of Nearest to the Gnarly Number targeting 100.
Gnarly Nutrition is thrilled to have such a strong and supportive athlete join their team of ambassadors.
ROCK star Courtney Love has thanked a judge for helping put a "gnarly drug problem" behind her.
Gnarly, Orange Grove, The Blue One, and Bouncy, works in purple, orange, blue, and black, respectively, adopted the paintings' anal-erotic forms, but reduced them to a more intimate and affecting scale.
We grow lovely berries, not the gnarly little things with worm holes I had expected."
But before he can make it to the altar, he winds up inadvertently hitched to a gnarly ghouly-girl.
Its ambitions betrayed by its pretensions, One Point 0 aspires to the gnarly nightmarishness achieved by Brad Anderson's The Machinist.
While I chastised myself for expecting our captain to be a gnarly, weather-beaten Robert Shaw in Jaws stereotype, upon meeting him I was pleased to discover he actually was, in every respect.
But, as Chanoff pointed out, even though the landscape is shifting toward the positive, the environment is still pretty gnarly. We're not in Kansas anymore.
The rocky reefs that create gnarly waves could yield a solution to coastal erosion for both sunbathers: and surfers.
That's because they rely on the difficulty of gnarly calculations that may someday succumb to faster computers, scientists say.
The tee shot is uphill to a fairway plateau, and players must hit an accurate wood or long iron down a narrow fairway guarded by gnarly rough on the right and the Atlantic Ocean on the left to position themselves properly for a third shot to a new, elevated green.
They are small, dark, rough, and gnarly, with concentric growth rings.
Thursday, June 21, on the trail in West DuPage Woods west of Gnarly Knots Pretzel Company, 27W570 High Lake Road.