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used of old persons or old trees

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It's evident that his interest in the ocean runs much deeper than finding the gnarliest wave.
This double-black bump run through well-spaced trees is one of the gnarliest, most challenging runs on the entire mountain.
ACROSS: 1 Bethlehem: 6 Midwinter: 11 Gathering; 16 Lourdes; 17 Realms of glory: 18 Pattern; 19 Hidden; 21 Piquant; 22 Stamina; 24 Visual; 25 Rigid; 27 Angel; 28 Zero; 29 Reincarnate; 31 Helm; 32 Cheated; 33 Expound; 35 Ragout; 37 Althing; 39 Yeoman; 41 Whiskey; 42 Grooved; 44 Alopecia; 45 Pre; 47 Disorder; 49 Cinema; 50 Quebec; 52 Peculation; 53 David's city; 54 Gnarliest; 56 Awry; 57 Frosty; 58 Errata; 59 Thee; 61 Pantomime; 65 Inspissate; 67 Scaredy-cat; 68 Sprain; 69 Notice; 70 Gridiron; 72 Get; 74 Reindeer; 75 Wassail; 77 Carried; 78 Manage; 80 Capitol; 81 Ingrid; 83 Sitwell; 85 Heroine; 86 Sock; 88 Earth-hunger; 89 Ewes; 91 Ahead; 93 Scrub; 95 Lament; 96 Lockers; 97 Slainte; 98 No crib; 102 Teach-in; 103 Joy to the world; 104 Ninthly; 105 Eiderdown; 106 Dot matrix; 107 Enwrapped.
Dennis Imhoff, state park ranger and booster for California's biggest inland lake, is trying to steer a visitor away from the sea's gnarliest features but they keep popping up, like the dying fish now floating in clumps near the shoreline.
Some of the gnarliest transition skaters of our time ventured out to the desert to try their luck at the Pacific Sun--a 300-foot funnel complete with a mini-mega roll in.
You have to know the answer to that tax question to know which numbers to plug into the budget; they can't finish the budget until they resolve the gnarliest argument in Austin.
"Those stomach muscles, I'm telling you, I had some of the gnarliest cramps in my stomach.
Team Realtree members cover nine states on their way to letting a few arrows fly at some of the gnarliest bucks ever seen, including a 172-inch brute;
You can also expect ultra-realistic crashes and 10 fun-packed, multi-player games such as Sickest Trick and Gnarliest Crash.
is totally excited about its newest and gnarliest beverage line, California Max, a non-carbonated fruit drink with no preservatives.
Jeff, whats the gnarliest thing you've done on the board?
Yes, Killington has appropriated the nickname as a sort of high-end marketing slogan, but Berkshire East, the steep, old-time haven in Charlemont is the real deal around these parts - the tallest, gnarliest, most authentic ski area in southern New England.
Yeah, the gnarliest pop of all time and you're just, like, Alright.
That means he skis all day at Burke Mountain Resort, which is 15 minutes away and one of the Northeast's gnarliest ski areas; two other days per week he can get in a half-day at Burke.
GNARLIEST RAIL SKATED Dakota Servold, bent kinker boardslide