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glyptic art in the form of a symbolic figure carved or incised in relief

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The glyphic rendering of itz, in its various forms, is comprised of two major parts: the infixed glyph ak'ab ('night', with an element ak- 'tongue') in the centre (according to Montgomery's reading, who takes it as 'related to the concept of the soul and "sacred essence"'), (90) surrounded by the petals and stamen of a flower.
III: In "Human Universe," Olson attributes the ability to maintain sensory alertness and to view the self as interpenetrated by objects and events to the Mayans whom he meets on a research expedition to the Yucatan Peninsula and whose glyphic writing he values so highly.
Classification of fonts, which reconcile historical and technical characteristics of typefaces, divides them on Latin script on nine groups as follows: humanist, garald, transitional, didone (or modern), slab serif, lineal (or sans-serif), incised (glyphic), script, manual (BS 2691: 1981; McLean, 1996).
CURRENT FAVOURITE ALBUM: Grace by Jeff Buckley is my favourite of all time but recently I've been listening to Glyphic by Boxcutter.
Developed by Glyphic Entertainment, this unique game based on drawing and physics challenges players to maneuver the charming stick figure, Marker Man, through 150 scrolling world puzzles in his attempt to find his best friend, Doodle Dog.
The BS schema operates by differentiating types using a series of category terms: humanist, garalde, transitional, didone, slab-serif, lineale (grotesque, neo-grotesque, geometric, humanist), glyphic, script, graphic.
Although it is glyphic, the Mayan system is fundamentally agreed by scholars to have "evolved"--which I would prefer to think of as "morphed"--into a phonetic system of sorts, while the Mexica, Mixtec, and Zapotec systems appear to be pictographic.
The unusually careful excavations have allowed scholars to reconstruct the context and something of the use of each seal and to place the glyphic art within the larger aesthetic framework of its time.
Many of his statements have a universalizing character: thoughts on glyphic markings on earliest African rock art, on the wall patterning of Great Zimbabwe and on cattle-keepers' interests in ornamentation in eastern Africa.
Four centuries after Landa, this `alphabet', when properly understood at last, did in fact provide a crucial insight, namely the fact that most Maya glyphic elements signify consonant-vowel pairs, and sometimes vowels, and that these, strung together, spell out words or names phonetically.
Words are, at scratch, but a glyphic extension of Geometric thought inasmuch as words can be seen as signs which (certainly as hieroglyphs) abstract the phenomenological input of the visible world.
Berdan's "Glyphic Conventions of the Codex Mendoza" and Kathleen Stewart Howe's "The Relationship of Indigenous and European Styles in the Codex Mendoza: An Analysis of Pictorial Style." Thankfully sixteen of the eye-catching colour reproductions from Volume Three made the cut.
Maya, Vessel with Glyphic Text, Guatemala Lowlands, c.