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glyptic art in the form of a symbolic figure carved or incised in relief

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The paradox of the codebreaking of the Mayan hieroglyphs is that the man whose work proved critical to finally understanding the glyphs found on temple walls, memorial "stelae"--standing stones--and art objects such as ceramic bowls, was the very man who singlehandedly destroyed almost the entire written record of the Maya.
Powered by the Trion Glyph platform, the breakthrough publishing and operations platform, Trion is revolutionising the way games are developed, played, and sold.
The Chesapeake Printers Fair was inspired by similar fairs held in Lancaster, Los Angeles, and Seattle, says Glyph co-owner Don Starr.
The size of the YAG "glyphs" in the prepared Ce-doped samples showed a bimodal distribution, although the undoped YAG/[Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] MGCs do not exhibit texture with a bimodal size distribution for the YAG regions [4].
The Glyph technology is aimed at harnessing the biology of the lymphatic system to develop novel therapeutics, including those that selectively target certain lymph nodes.
The back is partly missing but most important, the front is almost entirely intact, showing a figure emptying a jar adorned with a chalchihuitl (jade) glyph, and pouring forth water, maize, and a grain that may be amaranth (Figs.
The remaining subjects received transitivity-induction training with 20 new glyph sets.
troop neighboring tribe starting "Hek-"; nag or cob or bay or steed; a Cockney will add one when there is no need; me & myself; Bluest ___word; a blue bird but not a bluebird; glyph the same to Sam or Pavel; to Pierre, a Haggard novel; German Expressionist Lang antagonist; only chequered signal flag; media mogul's magazine; insomnia cause for the daughter of a queen; Ian Fleming's gadget guy; spacer word for a crook with one eye; pluralizer (from many, one); afternoon meal with jam and a bun; a full 180[degrees], on a road; Beethoven's fifth's start, in Morse code; erstwhile POTUS, son of same; a past paramour; a snuffed Old Flame; public gym that will give you a bed; Brooks world war when we'll all be undead.
The Glyph looks like a normal, over-the-ear headphone that can be flipped down to experience the virtual retinal display.
Designed to correct these shortcomings, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Avegant's Glyph uses a micromirror array and a combination of proprietary optics in a head-mounted display to reflect an image from a media source directly onto the retina using the viewer's own eye lens, effectively making the back of the eyeball into a screen.
The Glyph headset, from Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Avegant, will create visuals that don't need a screen-just your retinas and your brain, CNN reported.
For example, font designers might need to program their own computer tools or determine a consistent spacing between each glyph.
Ham is one of eight playwrights in residence with Workhaus, which previously produced a workshop of her play Glyph. Both Glyph and The Hollow prod at class and race issues in the South through a miasma of gothic creepiness.
The Halo 4 Glyph, which features in the game, was flown over London, dominating the city's night-time skyline.
We find deep meaning in the glyph of the scarab beetle.