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New York, US - As a specialized custom service provider for therapeutic glycoprotein development, Creative Biolabs announces a portfolio of glycoprotein production and corresponding analysis services, including but not limited to Custom Glycoprotein Synthesis and Glycoprotein Detections services.
Accuracy of a pregnancy-associated glycoprotein ELISA to determine pregnancy status of lactating dairy cows twenty-seven days after timed artificial insemination.
The glycoprotein carrying the Duffy BGAs, Duffy antigen receptor for chemokines (DARC), is a multipass transmembrane glycoprotein.
Figure 1 shows a base peak chromatogram (BPC) obtained from the analysis of the tryptic digests of the reference rAb glycoprotein. The obtained raw mass data was analyzed with GPA algorithm and the automatically assigned glycopeptides were further validated manually.
The microcapsules have the multilayer structure comprising the core; the protein; the polysaccharide and the plant-derived glycoprotein, when viewed from the core, according to the patent.
In the case of HIV, scientists have long believed that virus' protective outer glycoprotein layer can serve as the antigen that triggers the immune response.
Di- to tetra-antennary complex type N-glycans in [alpha]1-acid glycoprotein. The structure elucidation of the asialo-glycans of [alpha]1-acid glycoprotein was among the first glycoprotein projects we started.
Shimodaira et al., "Polymorphisms of platelet membrane glycoprotein Ib alpha and plasma von Willebrand factor antigen in coronaryartery disease," International Journal of Hematology, vol.
* The report provides a snapshot of the global therapeutic landscape for Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor Superfamily Member 4 (ACT35 Antigen or TAX Transcriptionally Activated Glycoprotein 1 Receptor or CD134 or TNFRSF4)
Glycoprotein C also plays an important role in viral biology, mediating attachment of virions to heparan sulphate receptors on the surface of host cells (18).
A subunit vaccine containing recombinant HeVsG glycoprotein (14) was formulated in a proprietary adjuvant (Zoetis).
Glycoprotein E2 is the major target of the protective immune response triggered against BVDV infection and is widely used for subunit vaccines [18,19].
de Groot, "High-avidity anti-[beta]2 glycoprotein I antibodies highly correlate with thrombosis in contrast to low-avidity anti-[beta]2 glycoprotein I antibodies," Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis, vol.
P-gp is a phosphorylated glycoprotein which is located on chromosome 7.
The [[alpha].sub.1]-acid glycoprotein protein was estimated by the tyrosine method as described by Varley et al.